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What We Would Have Done If We Had Known COVID-19 Was Going To Happen — Nigerians



Folawemi Durosomo

Until recently, there were lockdowns of most economic, religious activities in many parts of Nigeria on account of COVID-19 which hit the nation.

Although, Federal Government and the state governments have begun to ease the lockdowns in phases, many businesses and individuals are ruing the losses they have incurred and the opportunities they have missed.

There are surely Nigerians who would have done things differently with themselves and businesses if they had somehow had the gift of clairvoyance to see the impeding epidemic.

Group Managing Director, Tacoms Intl. Ltd., Emmanuel Ehinola said, “There is a couple of things I would have done differently. Firstly we would have migrated all our sales and marketing processes into a full executable electronic system. Secondly, we would have changed our products and services focus to support work from home initiative which has become the norm now. We would have also reduced stock and investory holdings by at least 60%. We would have made general provisionsfor staff materials, welfare and everything that could help the sustainabiltily of the staff during the lockdown, including their healthcare. The product and service focus would have changed a bit in such a way that most of the products and services would be accessible via veritable electronic platform.”

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A consultant to a security print product company, Jacob Femifola said, “First of all we would have ensured that our online platforms are well fortified and activated to pave the way for virtual contacts and meetings. Secondly arrangements would have been made for staff on production line to be close to the factory in order not to disrupt production. Our customers and target group would have been well informed on how to reach us online. Special arrangements would also have been made for all our publics to cushion the effects of the lockdown.”

A communication expert, Isaac Atoyebi said, “if I had envisaged the lockdown, I would have travelled to go and be with my people; not necessarily out of Lagos. I would have relocated to be with friends and we all would have stayed together all throughout the lockdown. Also I would have got some equipment for me to be able to work out at home.

A bank staff, Jeremiah Delogan said, “If I had the knowledge of this pandemic like two years ago, I would have rushed some of my projects and ensured that I finished them before now so the whole 2020 which seems to be a waste would not really affect my progress in that aspect. Also as a business minded person, I would have gotten a warehouse to store enough of handgloves, nosemasks, temperature sensor readers and other essential items at a cheaper price and by now, I would have been a millionaire.”

A customer service officer, Babalola Adewola said, “Firstly, I would have got to know more about the pandemic, learnt the preventive measures. I would have begun to acquire as much as possible all the items needed in preventing the spread of the virus such as nosemasks, hand sanitiser etc. I would have in collaborated with fashion designers, sellers of items I mentioned earlier, to secure a large quantity so that once the pandemic struck we would begin to cash out.
As for my education, I would postponed all my reading to the lockdown period.”

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