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Trump Threatens To ‘Take Back’ Seattle Protest Zone



Demonstrators in charge of Seattle district

US President Donald Trump has threatened to “take back” a police-free district where protesters have been given free rein in Seattle.

Police abandoned a precinct in the city on Monday after days of violent confrontation with demonstrators.

Mr Trump said the area had been overtaken by “Domestic Terrorists”, but Washington state leaders told him not to meddle in their affairs.
Since police withdrew, demonstrations in the area have been largely peaceful.

It has been called Chaz, an abbreviation of Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. Hundreds of people have been gathering there to demonstrate, hear speeches and attend events.

The protests in Seattle, Washington began in response to last month’s death in police custody of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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President Trump, who has pushed states to take firm action against protesters, has meanwhile outlined proposals for reforming police, including greater funding for training and national guidelines on the use of force.

However, he dismissed calls for defunding the police as an “extreme agenda”. Such a measure involves budgets being allocated directly to communities rather than law enforcement.

Credit: BBC

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