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Does Penis Size Matter? Hear What Ladies Say



Every person has a feature or quality that they look out for when choosing a partner.

For some ladies, it could be eloquence, well-toned abs or religiosity. It could also be financial capability, or the size of manhood.

Some ladies opened up to on their preference when it comes to the size of manhood and its effect on their relationships.

A 28-year old make up artist, Yinka says the size of her fiance’s manhood doesn’t matter as he’s a good person that “takes great care of me”

“Is that one of the requirements of a good relationship? It doesn’t really matter to me. If that’s what ladies look out for in men, I think it’s shallow. A man might have the biggest manhood in the world but is he a good person?,” she said

Tamilore, a 24-year-old baker, says she prefers men with moderately sized manhood as she cannot “handle anything unnecessarily big.”

“I know quite a number of ladies that do not like men with moderately sized penis. It’s actually not by size. There are men out there with very a big manhood that they don’t know how to use.

“I have dated a guy before that is very gifted but suffers premature ejaculation. You’ll think he’s all that because of the size of his manhood but instead, he doesn’t last beyond a minute. Things didn’t work out between us because he didn’t think that was a problem. So it’s not size o,” Tamilore says.

Another make up artist, 25-year-old Grace says she also prefers men with “moderate- sized manhood because they don’t have problems.”

“You see men with enormous manhood, they have ego issues because they are highly sought after so I don’t even deal with them.

“Size does matter to me. I cannot deal with a man below 5 inches, although I still think there are a handful of them that know how to use it effectively, no matter the size.”

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An entrepreneur, Mayen says that the size of a man’s penis is one of the criteria that she puts into consideration before dating any guy.

“It is by size o. Most ladies will tell you otherwise until they jam a micro manhood and change tune. I like my men with big manhood and I am not ashamed to admit it.

Adedoyin states that she will never date a man with a small penis again as she believes that they usually suffer low self-esteem.

“I once dated someone with a small penis but I was only managing because he was a nice person. What led to our breakup was that he used to complain about my private part and accuse me of sleeping around.

“The day I couldn’t take it anymore, I told him straight that his penis was too small. It was a bitter truth but someone had to say it. He was very hurt and things fell apart between us. I cannot date such a man again.”

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