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Buhari’s Aide, Bashir Ahmad Berated Over His Tweet On Beirut Explosion



Photo Credit: AP

Tobi Adebayo 

Bashir Ahmad, personal assistant on New Media to President Muhammadu Buhari, has been condemned by other Twitter users over his tweet on the Beirut Explosion.

Ahmad had sympathised with Lebanon on the explosion that has left over 100 dead and 4000 injured.

He tweeted: “It’s hard to believe the footages coming out from Beirut, Lebanon this evening, I have never seen scenes as horrific as those footages, my heart so shattered. My thoughts and prayers go to all families affected by the explosion.”

However, Twitter users condemned him for not showing the same level of sympathy towards the killings in Southern Kaduna.

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Responding to Ahmad’s tweet, a Twitter user, @jacksonpbn wrote: “Your heart is shattered over what happened in far away Lebanon but your heart is never shattered with the killings in Southern Kaduna. That shameless heart of yours is not just hypocritical but filled with wickedness and injustices against your own people. May Allah judge you all”

@ayemojubar wrote: “Beirut, Lebanon:
Bashir heart shattered like Ammonium Nitrate explosion. The horrific scene stole his heart away. Southern Kaduna Killings:
Bashir heart was completely dead with no iota of feeling. Some people are congenital hypocrites.”

@onyiforlife tweeted: “102 Christians killed in Southern kaduna but your heart is shattered explosion in Lebanon? Tufia!!”

@akhigbesam wrote: “This your tweet is very irresponsible, Charity begins at home.”

@drmuzoic tweeted: “Eiya, was it the remaining heart that survived the shattering as a result of footage from southern Kaduna and other senseless killings in Nigeria that shattered now? Pele”

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