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Israel Accused Of Being Behind Beirut Explosion



Tobi Adebayo 

Social media users have reacted to the explosion that has claimed over 100 lives, injured over 4000 and destroyed properties in Beirut, Lebanon.

Lebanese Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, in a statement said that the explosion was caused by 2,750 metric tons of ammonium nitrate, which is typically used as an agricultural fertilizer, had been stored for six years at a port warehouse “without safety measures, endangering the safety of citizens.”

Reacting to the explosion, some Twitter users accused Israel of being behind the explosion and claimed the explanation by the PM did not add up.

@drmarcusp tweeted: “Israel has invaded, bombed and violated Lebanese airspace and maritime waters on countless occasions over many years now, killing vast numbers of Lebanese civilians in the process. Tel Aviv’s ‘offer’ to ‘help’ Lebanon is crude and sickening Israeli propaganda.”

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@hadilbensotana tweeted: “Israel for many years killed innocent people to take their land and homes from them, and these innocent souls have lived in constant fear. The media in the western world never talks about it, and now they are using the fireworks story to cover it up. #BeirutBlast”

@alikeskin wrote: “Israel said at the United Nations security meeting that Lebanon was producing missiles and would not allow it. Yesterday there was an explosion, if someone thinks it’s an accident, it’s stupid.”

@its_009 wrote: “Thousands of people died and injured in heavy explosions in Beirut, Lebanon. Israel behind this attack according to state media of Lebanon. This could be biggest blast after Hiroshima and Nagasaki on Human. Horrifying Blast.. May Allah help the victims.
#Beirut #Lebanon”

@sajidhohari tweeted: “A blast in Beriut today and tweet of the Prime Minister of Israel. Is there any doubt who is behind this blast??”

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