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Why We Stopped Going To Church



Zainab Sanni

Levels of religious salience are particularly high in sub-Saharan Africa. Over 75% in every country surveyed in the region say religion is very important to them.This is according to a research by Pew Research Centre.

Yet in Nigeria, there seems to be a growing online community of the agnostic and those who no longer consider attendance at church necessary. Others have lost their respect for christian leaders.

Speaking with, a number of individuals shared the reasons why they have stopped attending church services and in some cases, lost their respect for clergies

Michael Abiodun said “I stopped going to church seven years ago. Too many irregularities in their holy book. It’s filled with too
Much chaos and it’s like a fear tool to control human race.”

For Petula Jenkins, the thievery, large number of offerings collected by the church and her experience with Pastors having sexual relations with members of her church were key factors that contributed to her decision to stop attending church services.

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Mazi Chikelu Chino on the other hand said that he lost his conviction. “We all attended because of fear. Remove the fear of the unknown (hell) and many wouldn’t be there. I mean how has religion helped Nigeria or my life?” he added.

“I have regard for people as individuals, for the values they profess and uphold; not necessarily for their pastoral offices. If anything, I’m usually wary or suspicious of anyone who’s a pastor until they give me reasons to respect them. I have seen a lot of things. I stopped going years ago. It seems so long ago that I can’t actually pinpoint a reason now,” said Emmans Esang

Omole Ibukun had always viewed it as some form of entertainment but has now found other means to entertain himself

“I stopped going to church because I found other means of entertainment. Throughout all my years as a Christian, it just seemed like an acceptable form of entertainment that you won’t get condemnation for, like when you go to the club.

“Every other thing is irrational, the doctrines, the miracles, the extortion, the extreme individualism, etc are all very irrational,” he said.

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