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Woman, Would You Allow A Male Masseur Give You Full Body Massage?



Ganiyat Ganiyu

Everyday we expose our bodies to an enormous amount of stress. Over time, the body comes tensed and produces harmful levels of the stress hormone called cortisol which is responsible for triggering weight gain, insomnia, digestive problems and other chronic ailments.

Massage therapy has over time proven to lower cortisol levels and allows the body to transcend into recovery mode. A good massage session relieves your muscles, triggers long-lasting feelings of rejuvenation, elevates your mood, promotes a good night sleep and reduces stress levels.

Not only does massage therapy help you relax, but it also boosts your energy levels, reduces pain especially joint pains and stimulates physical and emotional wellness.

In Nigeria, the annual turnover in Spa business is estimated at about N30 billion, as members of the middle class visit massage parlours mostly at weekends.

This rejuvenating business, however, poses its own risk in situations where the opposite sex is the masseur.

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In conducting a full body massage, the flow of body warmth can exude some sensuous feelings which can develop into something else if care is not taken.

Speaking with, a number of females who visited the massage parlours often shared their views on the matter of allowing a male masseur to administer a full body massage on them.

Onyinye Udom said, “Getting a full body massage is not much of a big deal for me as long as the masseur keeps it professional. I go for body massage for reasons known to me and I don’t think the masseur would want to trespass.”

For Tolulope Ajala, her body is sacred and so she cannot allow a male masseur to perform a full body massage on her.

“I can only allow some parts of my body to be massaged by a male masseur; the shoulder, hands, neck and other non-sensitive parts are fine for me. Anything aside these, I would prefer a female masseur,” she said.

For a 27-year-old Lagos-based banker who pleaded anonymity, pleasure is what she derives in having a full body massage by the opposite sex. According to her, the session does more than body massage for her.

“I specifically request for male masseur anytime I visit the massage parlour, I do this not for sex escapades but I enjoy it more than when a lady massages me. I have had an experience where a masseur got aroused. I noticed this and was disappointed because I expected him to be professional about it. It’s strictly a business.”

However, Funmi Lawal said it is natural for a man to get aroused if he sees a naked woman and vice versa. She maintained that she could only subject herself to a full body massage with a female masseur.

“Humans are sensitive to opposite sex touch, I will never allow a male masseur massage me. It’s better to avoid the unforeseen situations, ”she said.

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