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Despair As Prices Of Fuel, Food, Electricity, Soar



Zainab Sanni

There has been a drastic surge in the price of commodities and services in the Nigerian market.

The price of flour is said to have increased from N11, 800 to N13, 700 while a bag of maize has gone from N10, 500 to N23, 000.

Popular Nigerian staple food, rice now sells at N26k per bag as of the last check.

This is even as there has been massive job losses and salary cuts, owing to the economic effect of the novel coronavirus on the Nigerian industry.

It was therefore expected when Nigerians could no longer hold their emotions, following the announcement on Wednesday that President Muhammadu Buhari had increased fuel price and electricity tariff to N151 and N66 respectively.

Millions of Nigerian took to micro-blogging site, Twitter to express their despair. See some reactions below;

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“If one person sleeps with hunger in Nigeria you’ll be held accountable. How many Nigerians are sleeping with hunger due to price increase in everything? BUHARI fear Allah for your akhira is at stake. Wallahi Allah will ask you how you ruled Nigeria and what will you tell him????”


“If Nigerians become silent & passive eventually and adapt to this recent Callous electricity tarriff increase and fuel pump price hike just like before under the heartless Buhari, this country is finished. It’s that serious #EnoughIsEnough’


‘With the fate of many #Nigerians swaying convincingly into the state of despondency, the latest calamity to befall us from the #Buhari led administration is the increase in fuel pump price. It’s time for Nigerians to see that the future is bleak. “


‘This was Buhari, protesting fuel increase by GEJ. But he’s now made the fuel price worse than GEJ.

Now, tell me if Buhari’s face isn’t the physical definition of a hypocrite.”


“I just don’t understand how an 80 year old Buhari can be this callous and wicked. All his policies are evil back to back.”

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