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“Desmond Idiot”: Nigerians Knock Desmond Elliot Over Statement On Godfatherism



Nigerians React As Desmond Elliot Calls For Ban Of Foreign Movies

Tobi Adebayo 

Actor turned politician, Desmond Elliot has come under harsh criticism over his statement on godfatherism in politics.

Elliot had condemned the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki over his re-election mantra “Edo no be Lagos” and said that he would have not become a governor if not for godfatherism.

“A godfather always tries to look after the interest of his people. I’m a product of godfatherism but Tinubu has never for one day asked me to do something you know would be detrimental,” he said.

“It’s progressive. So, let him (Obaseki) not castigate the whole thing. If not for godfatherism, would he be where he is today? My point isn’t even about him; it’s that I want to talk about my candidate,” Elliot said.

Reacting to the statement, Twitter users dug out an old video of veteran comedian, Clint Da Drunk, where he referred to Desmond Elliot as “Desmond Idiot” during a comedy show.

A Twitter user, @huncho104 wrote: “When klint the drunk called Desmond Elliot Desmond Idiot at a comedy show far back as 2008/2009, man was actually spitting facts. Desmond na Idiot true true.”

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@tkalamina tweeted: “Desmond Idiot. Na this kin people dey spoil road for young people to make the necessary changes. Him and Yeye Bello. What a stupid guy”

@Iamefe tweeted: “This is what APC do to intelligent people. Stomach infrastructure Desmond Idiot has drank from the same cup with those beast in agbada. He lost his concience.”.

@mistachika tweeted: “Desmond idiot is one politician who makes it difficult to take young politicians serious. He thinks that commissioning a dog house and washing hand basin suddenly makes him a great protégé. Well,this life na per head sha. He forgot his Nigerian dream immediately he started eating.”

@highlandre1 tweeted: “Desmond Idiot’s utterance on being a product of godfatherism is very disturbing. It clinically weighs in on give-and-take politics we’ve all come to condemn. I do not think his godfather himself would be proud of what Desmond said, and, this may affect their chances in Edo.”

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