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When Virgins Get Pregnant



Tobi Adebayo 

The internet went agog when one of the housemates for the 2020 BBNaija Lockdown, Wathoni Anyansi mentioned on live television that she got “pregnant as a virgin” at 23.

The mother of one said she discovered after five months that she was pregnant despite the fact that she and her partner had no penetrative sex. and her partner.

“I was a virgin till 23. That day, l was with the guy in question. At that time, l was ovulating but l didn’t know so l was not bothered about it. He is a kind of guy that gets turned on by seeing a vagina. So, all he did was to rub his penis on my vagina and ejaculated. There was no penetration. That was it.

“After five months, l found out that l was pregnant. My friends who knew I was a virgin and my mom were surprised.

“I didn’t know I was pregnant because my tummy wasn’t big and I fact I was losing weight. When he had a meeting with my parents, he also confirmed that we only had intense makeout and that was it.

“I got to know I was pregnant one Sunday morning. I went to a nearby pharmacist earlier on a Saturday to complain that l belched too much among other issues. I also told him that I had not seen my period, then he asked me if l had sex and l replied no.

“He gave me something to do pregnancy test. I tried it out on Sunday morning and found out that I was pregnant. That was before l went to church,” Wathoni explained.

While some Nigerians believed her story, others said it was not possible, despite a friend corroborating her story on Twitter.

Another case of virgin pregnancy, Olamipeju Adekunle, who shared her story on a TVC programme in 2019 said she was shocked and confused when she got pregnant as a virgin.

Olamipeju, who documented her experience in a book titled “Diary of a Pregnant Virgin”, explained that the experience happened while she was undergoing the National Youth Service Corps, and maintained that there was absolutely no penetration in the sexual play she had with her partner.

She urged parents to give their children sex education early so as to prevent unusual situations like she found herself.

“I didn’t know where babies came from until I got into the university. It was that bad. Parents need to be friends with their children and educate them on what’s necessary to avoid situations like mine,” Olamipeju said.

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In a chat with, a medical doctor, Abiola Akinniran said “while it is usually unbelievable that a female could get pregnant as a virgin, it is actually a huge possibility.”

“Virgin pregnancy is real. A lot of young couples engage in non-penetrative sex and get away with it because it does not result in pregnancy. This is why people find it hard to believe.

“One of the reasons it is a rarity is because the female has to be ovulating at that particular time when the action happens, for conception to take place

“Any funny activity near the entrance of the vagina can make a lady get pregnant without penetration, especially when the male ejaculates at the entrance of the vagina.

“Some males have very fertile pre-cum. But most people have no idea how fast sperm cells can swim up the female reproductive tract, particularly during ovulation when the female cervical mucus becomes thin and allows free passage for sperm. This is why you would hear some ladies say they douched after unprotected sex but got pregnant still.

“People need to know these things to avoid placing themselves in awkward situations. Parents should do better with educating their children about everything they need to know about sex and their reproductive organs,” she said.

Dr Akinniran also warned that sexually transmitted infections or diseases can be passed through non-penetrative sex.

“It is not just pregnancy. Some STIs and STDs can be passed through non-penetrative sex. All it takes is an exchange of fluids during the act, especially by rubbing the vagina and the penis together,” she stated.

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