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Elegushi Beach: A Drug Haven, A Heap Of Filth




Tobi Adebayo 

One of the distinct features of Lagos State is its array of beaches, both private and public, that cater to the pleasure holidaymakers from within and outside of the state.

One of such is the popular Elegushi private beach which is owned by the Elegushi Royal family and situated at Ikate, Lekki. It reportedly attracts at least 30,000 visitors per week, with Sundays being the busiest day.

The once bubbly relaxation spot has, however, become a shadow of itself due to poor maintenance, despite its mandatory gate fee of N1000 and parking fee of N500.

Heaps of dirts especially plastic and disposable plates litter the shoreline. Abandoned, dilapidated wooden structures that used to be home to restaurants and lounges also give the beach the look of an abandoned town albeit it attracts hundreds of visitors.

A visit to the beach by also revealed that hard drugs were being sold in plain sight, upon entry and within the beach.

These hard drugs sellers go from car to car, knocking on windows, with the drugs on display, urging visitors to patronise them.

A holidaymaker identified as Tunde told that the practice had been going on for a while, with no form of hinderance from those in charge of managing the beach.

“I think it is a joint agreement/business between the guys selling hard drugs and those managing the beach. The way they go about their business without fear is enough evidence.

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“The owners of the beach left its management to thugs. This place has become cast off. The only thing still attractive about this beach is Skyfall lounge. It is the only reason why you would see any celebrity or influential person at this beach,” he said.

Olaide, another visitor who spoke to, said that despite the revenue raked in by the management, the beach has joined a list of the worst places to relax in Lagos.

“When you leave the maintenance of such place to hoodlums, expect nothing less. This place is no longer family-oriented. We cannot even bring kids here without exposing them to all sorts of impunity.

“People do drugs openly, especially smoking weed. Every visitor here is a smoker, both primary and secondary. Even security isn’t guaranteed because the beach is easily accessible from different corners so I wonder the essence of the gate fee,” she said.

An attempt by to speak with one of the managers of the beach was met with rejection.

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