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Has Facebook Lost Its Edge?




I remember when Facebook was the real deal. It was on top of the game. Everyone, both young and old, wanted to join Facebook at the time. But now Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat are at the top.

Age range may be a factor in the fact that Facebook isn’t as it used to be. Young people are becoming less interested in Facebook. Now why they are more interested in Instagram, Twitter, and others. Older people take more interest in Facebook these days. Instagram allows easy sharing of pictures, videos with everyone at will. Twitter allows people to share their thoughts via tweets with words that any random teenager would enjoy. But Facebook is mostly enjoyed by adults. I, however, think that the number of adults that use it is reducing. Those who were once fixated on Facebook are now stating that they do not go on it as much.

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Compared to other apps, Facebook is really losing its edge. I read in an article recently that Facebook offered billions of dollars to ‘buy’ Snapchat; a social media app that allows users to share posts that disappear shortly after being viewed. Facebook is trying not to lose its top spot. Some people believe Facebook is trying to be like other social media apps. For example, you can have a header photo like Twitter. I think that there are people that believe Facebook hasn’t lost its edge the same way some think it has. They still use Facebook like none other. Well, I believe Facebook isn’t the way it was back then. What do you think?


Nusy Oluwatoyin is a youth contributor to She can be reached via 09064539753

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