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Nigerians Query CNN Report On Lekki Toll Gate Shooting





The Lekki Toll Gate shooting on October 20, 2020 has been subject to controversies as claims that ENDSARS protesters died that Tuesday night remain in doubt.

Many of the pictures and videos that went viral on social media which were said to be those of protesters shot by the Nigerian army have been found to be false as earlier reported by

Following an investigation carried out by CNN on the events of October 20th at Lekki Toll Gate and another report by AN24 on the need for evidence to ascertain that people died at Lekii Toll Gate, more Nigerian are asking questions to challenge the social media narrative that soldiers shot at Nigerian protesters.

Christopher Ofeimun wrote; “Sanwo-Olu visited some victims at various hospitals and openly declared that they were casualties from Lekki shootings, but that there was no fatality, and that they were all responding to treatment, even the one that went through surgery.”

Nassz Zailani said “Do You love a victim more than his relatives? All fake stories making the rounds, till date no family has shown up, do you like the deceased if any more than the families?”

Lola Oyetoso also said; “If truly the victims exist, makes the whole story (I mean, the killing aspect of it) made-up ! Without their coming out, no rational human being would believe a crime not complained of.

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“Someone just has to brave all odds and talk and complained to the authority. If SARS victims are not afraid to flood the panel with complaints of criminality meted out to them brutally by SARS officers, then supposed Lekki shooting victims should also look for means of voicing out. But their muteness showed obviously that nothing happened . Like so many pictures shown and latter debunked, so many stories told and later denied especially people who were claimed to have been killed but later resurfaced, the above pictures you put up could equally be said to have happened elsewhere apart from in Lekki night saga. Nothing justifies anything or convinces anyone until the real victims come out to talk as SARS brutality victims are coming out !

“Many of us are just being passionate about reporting or reposting horrifying pictures of events we did not witness . Let the real on-the-ground eyewitness who suffered the supposed brutality come out and talk. Let stop being their mouthpiece. You and I cannot cry more than the bereaved.

In short , nothing happens until the eyewitness complains. No injury is sustained, until the victims or their relatives complain. No rationalisations, argument, vituperations borne and spewed out on their behalf is enough to be a substitute for their real eyewitness complaint . In fact in the eyes of the law and common sense, we are just mere busy-bodies ! Thank you !”

“Since no body complained he or she lost some one, no body was killed,” added Aduku John

Faleye Ayomide noted “How many PEOPLE’S missing in Lagos on 20 of October and where is the family of missing persons are they living around LEKKI area, we must know the numbers of missing persons and where are they living for evidence against Massac at LEKKI.”

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