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Nigerians Fume As CNN Struggles To Explain Inaccurate Reporting Of EndSARS Protests



Nigerians on Thursday expressed displeasure as the Cable Network News admitted that it misreported the alleged deaths at Lekki Toll Gate.

CNN in a tweet classified as ‘clarification’ said “Clarification: This tweet from October 23 did not attribute the death toll from protests in Nigeria to Amnesty International. The tweet also did not make it clear that the death toll was for protests across the country.”

The story clarified by CNN read in part; “At least 38 people were killed in Nigeria on Tuesday when the military opened fire on peaceful protesters

“But the President failed to address the carnage during his speech on Thursday, drawing criticism from protesters who accuse him of failing to show empathy & unify the nation.”

Meanwhile the Nigerian Army earlier disputed the reports by america based channel and the federal government had through the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, written a protest letter to the Management of CNN complaining about the authenticity of a report that put together various videos of the Lekki Tollgate shooting.

Nigerians in response to the clarification by CNN stated their disappointment at the U-turn.



“Neither the Army or Jide denied that. Army only denied killing people, Jide equally denied asking Soldiers to shoot at Protesters. Jide categorically said there is nothing wrong in inviting the Army.”

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“You lots are still disguising…but We Muuveee Flexed biceps.”

“We are not muuving anywhere until they admit they erred and apologize… Its the day we see evil that evil enter ground. We can’t afford to let it slip, they will do more grievous one in the near future

“Stay with the truth, it would set you free……”

“That’s how they will be putting out clarification if they have successfully set the country on fire.. Reckless Journalism. Truth Matters.”

“Most wars in Africa started from disinformation from BBC and western media. There’s no “Massacre” in lekki. The army did what the national guard did in DC and many other cities. The difference Nigeria Army did not use chemical weapons on anyone.”

“CNN is doubling down, at least we are getting somewhere but d final destination will be to apologize to Nigeria, Nigerians & me bcos when I tried to explain there wasn’t no massacre at Lekki, my ancestors were dragged.
Now, I know there’s 1death massacre. Wonderful.”

“I sincerely hope you hold someone or some people accountable for this your misleading posts regarding the Lekki incident. And officially apologise to FGN for defamation of national character.”

“Lmao! Some of us actually saw through the lies long ago, yes Nigeria has a huge number of blockheads who can’t see beyound their noses which u tried to capitalise on but backfired. The tweet is very clear, you attributed 38 deaths to the shooting at lekki, quit with the digging.

“What’s more hurting if you have those within your circle buy into what the CNN and co. Have sold and are selling.
It’s better to apply wisdom when dealing with them.”


“You did! Don’t walk it back. Just admit and tender apologies to your audience and Nigerians for this unpardonable disinformation.”

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