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The Country Has Failed Us- Young Nigerians




Ijeoma Okeke

Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria has had been pummeled by socio-economic challenges that continue to threaten its prospects for development.

Although youths have been described as future leaders of the developing country, the struggle with insecurity, unemployment and poverty has only worsened the state of the country so far. spoke with young Nigerians to ask what they think about their country.

Samson Momoh: 10-Year-Old

I am from Enugu State. Nigeria is a good country, but not a good place to live because especially in Lagos, there is always traffic and the road is bad. Everywhere is always crowded and whenever my mum wants to withdraw the queue is just too much. America is a better place than Nigeria.

Michael Adewale: 16-Year-Old

I love Nigeria but I don’t think there is love in Nigeria because of the high rates of crime, killings and bad governance. I am proud to be a Nigerian because of my parents but if there are opportunities for me to leave, I will.

Olamide Shoremimo: 15-Year-Old

I am proud to be a Nigerian. I believe in Nigeria and that things will be better in our country. Our government is bad. Look at the peaceful protest where innocent people were killed. Since the old people in government are failing us, the youth should be given opportunity to rule Nigeria. Our president is not good at all because of bad roads and lack of security. There is no electricity in some areas but I believe with time, it will get better.

Samuel Olatunji: 12-Year-Old

Nigeria is a good country, just that my parents are always complaining about this nation. No good road, electricity, jobs, hospitals. The road to my school is bad and some times my mum is always complaining about our government. She says they are bad. I am proud to be a Nigerian but my parents are not happy

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Adeniji Adewunmi: 13-Year-Old

Nigeria is not a good country because our president is bad, and embezzlement of fund, even the cost of product is high, they should reduce it. People who commit crime should be punished. I am not proud to be a Nigerian because I am not happy with this nation.

Adeniji Adeyemi: 15-Year-Old

I am not proud to be a Nigerian because of the way the country is. Things aren’t going well with so many issues like corruption. We are all suffering, so many graduates looking for good job after school. My uncle too is always looking for Job. I have told my dad that if it’s possible when there is money, I will leave this country.

Daniel Iradia: 16-Year-Old

Nigeria is a bad country, there fights, no good government, bad roads, and unemployment. Because of the situation of our country, people of my age and below sell something in the street just to survive. This nation failed us in the past, and now it’s getting worst, that’s why there are armed robbers, internet fraudster, cultist and ritualist. Our country is not good at all from the government to the citizen. The reason why I said the citizens are part of our country failures is that some rich citizens that are supposed to helping do not care. If there is opportunity for me to leave, I will leave this nation.

Adeshina Opeyemi: 15-Year-Old

Nigeria is a good country because I was born here. It’s just the government that is not ruling us the way they are supposed to. We all can’t run away from our home. Even if I travel out, I will still come back to my nation. It’s just the government that is responsible for underdevelopment in the country. They only care about themselves and their families. The citizens are not left out because most people are sent to school to study, instead they end up becoming nuisance and adding more problems to our country.

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