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216 Nigerians Killed, 144 Kidnapped Amid Rising Insecurity



Ijeoma Okeke

At least, 216 Nigerians were killed in November, and 144 others kidnapped amid the rising insecurity in the country.

This was revealed in a data report released on Monday by Civic Media Lab..

The report noted that the Northern part of the country was the worst hit with its areas claiming 180 of the the 216 deaths recorded within the period.

It said Borno State which has been the epicentre of the Boko Haram insurgency, suffered the most attacks from the terrorists and claimed 131 lives, including the highest single attack which claimed 110 lives.

According to the report, “Insecurity in Nigeria keeps increasing instead of decreasing. Death now looks like a norm in Nigeria, most especially the northern part of the country”

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The data gathered by the civic media lab for November shows the rate at which death occurred in November and how kidnapping is slowly rising in the country.

It read, “The attack was faced mostly by the Northern region of the country, 180 of the 216 deaths were from the Northern part. Over 216 deaths were recorded for November with 144 people kidnapped and several injured during the incidents.

“Borno State suffered attacks from Boko Haram killing over 131 people with the highest death in an attack at 110. Kaduna recorded several bandits and gunmen attacks leading to 22 deaths. Police officers killed seven people; one out of the seven was also a police officer.”

The report also examined the rising cases of cult clashes in Edo and Delta states which led to the death of 24 people.

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