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Our 2020 Pains—Nigerians



Ijeoma Okeke

Many welcomed the year 2020 with high expectations, but no one foresaw COVID-19 and how it would change our lives. The pandemic has changed people’s perspectives on how they see life, gave them reasons to improvise and become better. spoke to some Nigerians who shared their thoughts about the year 2020 and their expectations for the new year.

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Oluchi Juliana said; “2020 has been a bad year for me. I wanted to achieve some things but could not. Educationally it was big blow to me. The pandemic made matters worse. The Asuu strike was not exempted

“The whole year was somehow wasted especially the plans I had in school.
But in everything, we give God thanks for seeing us through alive and that’s our greatest achievement this year, 2021 is already around the corner. Even in the midst of the whole situation, every one is excited to see the new year.”

“I believe 2021 has a greater opportunity. There are better things ahead of us. But looking at it, 2020 fell in the leap year. I was told that lots of bad things happen in the leap year. But this year was way too bad as so many lives were lost because of the Virus, andcthe EndSARS trouble.

“I am expecting 2021 to be great. And everything I did not get to do this year, by God’s grace, I will achieve them all in 2021,”she added.

Another respondent, Ayobami Kazeem said; “I am an instrumentalist. This year was really a bad year because of the pandemic. There were no events.I couldn’t play so I had no money to take care of some things. Our government is not even helping issues.

“I don’t even believe the whole pandemic, I think it’s not real. Government is just wasting our time, especially the first lockdown, no travel.It really affected me and the ban on events like wedding, birthday parties, did not make things easy for me.

“The EndSars issue was another problem that caused panic, fear and restlessness among Nigerians, especially when this hoodlums were breaking into police stations, big supermarket. This year was really bad. The painful part is the fact that because of the pandemic we are not allowed to do the cross overnight. This is really bad because we need to be in church to pray to our God for the new year.

“My expectation for 2021 is for good things to happen. This year has really been a waste to me.”

While others reflected on the negative happenings of 2020, some people were just grateful to God for life

A beautician, Ogunkanbi Omobolanle said, “this year has been terrible but we thank God for life. I did not achieve everything as planned but the little I got, I thank God for it. The whole happening, we never expected it at all; the Covid, the EndSars, the inflation and so much bad news this year.

“Our government is not even showing support or helping us out at all Citizens in other countries are happy even with the pandemic, because their governments were showing support. But not here in Nigeria.They told us to stay home without providing anything for us.

“But in all we give God thanks. We are expecting good things in the new year.

An Engineer, Oluwadamilare said, “2020 is a year that is filled with both good and bad experiences for me. I expected a lot and only achieved a few of of them.

“The corona virus was the beginning of this year’s problems. It affected every every aspect of our lives.

“The Impact was really negative and we had no choice than to face it as people could not do what they had planned to do.

“Though the crisis was general, after the pandemic, then the problem of the End- Sars which i blame the government for it, It’s not easy to survive in this Nigeria, and the whole issue made it worst, my expectation for the new year is that there will be no more fights, peace and even this pandemic should be over, because it’s really affecting everyone and every sector.”

However, while some people saw this year as a bad one, others improved and realised some factors they couldn’t fathom

Sales Representative,Adepeju Serah, said “this year 2020 has been a year that was really difficult to deal with, though the year started on a very good note. I was in high spirit, I had high expectation of what I was looking forward to in the year and suddenly things happened, the Pandemic and I felt like everything I was expecting became a mirage.

“It happened so fast, no one expected the year to be like this, when the covid thing started I was thinking it was going to be for a month. But it has lingered.

“Although with everything that has happened this year, I have learned to be grateful”.

“I realized that the little things we take for granted or feel we are entitled to are very vital, as the virus taught me that everything is valuable and that we should at all times appreciate the only source that is God almighty. 2020 also taught me to mange my time properly. When the pandemic started, everything came to a halt.

According to John Onole, a public speaker, “the year 2020 has been the year of the unexpected, the emanation of the Covid-19 and there was so much bad news. It has really been difficult especially for average Nigerians.

“When we entered the new year, I had so many expectations buy the Covid-19 pandemic happened, the lockdown for some weeks, then the EndSARS protests happened, the strikes, and even the economic challenges. This year was really tough.”

“It is one year that has affected every category of Nigerians from the children to the adults. We have learnt a lot from this year. So from all these, going into the new year 2021 is an opportunity for us to recreate ourselves, redefine our purpose and possibly embrace optimism that what is ahead of us is better than what’s behind.

“I will just say that 2020 is a year that will live long in the memories of Nigerians,”he said.

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