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Why People Cheat In Relationship




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Ijeoma Okeke

Faithfulness is one word many people are not committed to in their relationship. The social media as well as the traditional media frequently reports cases of relationship hitting the rocks because of marital infidelity of spouses or the cheating games played by two-timing lovers. Court dockets are full of cases filed by embattled and distraught spouses seeking divorce on account of marital infidelity perpetrated by their better halves.

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But why do people cheat their partners? Why does a relationship that begins with a plethora of sweet nothings end up with at least one partner turning a heart breaker?’s Ijeoma Okeke asked some Nigerians to give reasons why people cheat in relationship.

Emeka Wilson, a 27 years old photographer while giving his opinion on the issue, said, “I believe people cheat because of so many reasons, most times the reason for the relationship might no longer be there. For instance a girl might be in a relationship with a guy because of his money and when he is now going through some problems, there is every tendency she will cheat on him with someone better.

“People these days are not content with what they have. I feel like relationship between two people should be about relying on each other, helping each other, and being able to lift each other up, when they are down”.

“Relationship is a phase of life everyone must pass through. It’s inevitable and the urge will come. In the process, you have to get better, learn, and adapt. I believe trust is not a factor for cheating at all before you go into any relationship, one must learn to trust their partner. It’s lack of contentment that is the main factor for cheating in a relationship.

Adepeju who is 23 years old said, “Relationship is very important in people’s lives. People engage in it for so many reasons; to find a partner, a confidant, someone they can rely on and sometimes for financial reasons. These days most ladies cheat because of love of money. They would be with like two or three different guys all in the name of love while the real intention is to collect money.

“Men on the other hand cheats because some of them can’t control themselves especially when they see a lady who has all the criteria they need, they go after them. A guy can date more than three girls because he wants to be intimate with them, he might not love all of them but plays along because of sexual urge.

Olamilekan Daniel, a business man, said “If a partner is cheating in a relationship. It is usually because of lack of contentment; when your needs can no longer be supplied by your partner.

“No matter how it is, you will meet people who are better than your partner along the line. So your ability to stick to that one person is what actually counts. If you are okay with who they are and what they have, no matter what outside has to offer, you will be happy with your partner.

“Another situation is when you are in a place of no choice. You either cheat to save a job, a life, or protect a secret you don’t want to let out. Either of these options, it is more advisable to let your partner know what’s going on, because things like that will occur over and over again.

“It has happened to me. I love my wife so much, we have a boy. I met this lady when I was hanging out with my friends and something happened between us, I thought it was just for that day, then she kept calling and disturbing even when she knew I was married.

“I kept seeing her because I didn’t want my wife to find out. Along the line we stopped communicating and I told my wife everything. Friends can also play a major role in your life by giving you the wrong advice to cheat on your woman.”

A Nigerian who gave out his name as Femi, said, “There are no good reasons for us men to cheat. But for the ladies, once a guy is not treating her right, she will cheat, and even if a guy treats her well she will still cheat.
“Most ladies are after money and what they can get from a man, so people will continue cheating. It’s just God that can help us.

25-year-old Oluwabukunmi, said, “When there is lack of communication, people will cheat on their spouse. But communication is very important in relationships. Men would give their all at the first instance they want to date or marry a lady. When they are in, all the vibes and energy used to start the relationship will no longer be there. Even married couples, the beginning is always sweet but with time the parners begin to struggle to understand themselves. So when there is no communication, attention, understanding and the love is waxing cold, people will cheat.

“People believe that any relationship that does not add value positively is a waste of time, so people would cheat on their spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend once they realise that they have been together for some time with no positive change in some areas, like attitude and lifestyle.”

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