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Council Boss Presents Proposed 2021 Budget Of “Rejuvenation”



Honourable Wasiu Adeshina

The Executive Chairman of Ikorodu Local Government, Honourable Wasiu Adeshina on Presented his proposed 2021 Budget of “REJUVENATION” before his Councillors at the legislative chamber of the council.

Adeshina, presented a budget of 1.7 billion naira to the legislative arm of his administration for their consideration.

In an interview after the presentation, Adeshina said the 2021 budget was tagged budget of rejuvenation because he wanted to do more for his people and in consideration of other projects.

“I presented budget of one billion, seven hundred and seventy-one million, three hundred and fifteen thousand, Eight hundred and forty-nine naira, forty-four kobo only (1,771,315,849.44) to the legislative arm for their consideration. The budget is all encompassing. From the total amount, if you take away teachers salaries, what remains is less than a billion which will be used in paying staffs salaries and other social services.

“I deliberately tagged 2021 budget of rejuvenation because I still want to do more development for the people. In consideration of other projects that are still coming, we have to tag it like that,” he said.

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Adeshina said the empowerment program which is on the front burner of the proposed projects for year 2021 is not just for the youths, but for all rank file in the community under his supervision.

“The empowerment program which we captured in the budget is going across every sector or organisation within the Local Government, the youths, the Baales, the community leaders, political leaders are all going to be beneficiaries in the empowerment scheme when it kickstarts.

The leader of the legislative arm of Ikorodu chamber, Honourable Salman ISSA Ayobami, in an interview said that they are satisfied with the provisions highlighted in the budget, he reposed vote of confidence on Adeshina’s competence to deliver on the proposed projects in the budget of rejuvenation.

“We are satisfied with the provisions in the 2021 budget of rejuvenation. Our chairman has been making and fulfilling his promises, that is why we have accepted the budget he submitted for our consideration today. Every provisions made for every sector in the budget will be perused by the legislative arm. Hopefully the approval of this budget will commence this time next week”. He asserted.

The Majority leader Ikorodu Local Government, Honourable Awolesi Omotayo Omobolaji, opined in a seperate interview after the acceptance of budget by the legislative arm that he wants the people to see this honourable house as a very competent house which will work assiduously on the budget, peruse it, and will approve it based on proper scrutiny.

“I want the people to see this honourable house as a very competent house that will work assiduously on the budget, peruse it and based on scrutiny, we will approve the budget. We will look into it and do the needful.

“Last year’s performance was a bit lower based on the pandemic we all went through. It affects the development of every ideal country, which is the mean reason we didn’t achieve more on last year’s budget.

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“Yes we are still in the second wave of pandemic but I am hopeful we will surpass last year’s achievement this year if we follow the established state guidelines and precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. The death rate will come down if people use their face masks, maintain social distance and apply sanitisers after meeting people”. He said.

The Deputy leader of Ikorodu Local Government, Hon. Adebowale Adebola corroborated his colleagues that he is pleased with the achievements dolled out by the chairman while presenting 2021 budget of rejuvenation. He said Adeshina would have done more if not for the COVID-19 which bedevils world economy.

“As far as this year’s proposed budget is concerned, I so much believe he will surely achieve it. He is a man who is competent to handle the affairs of the seat he occupies”. Adebowale said.

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