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YBNL Exposed Me To Unintelligent Fans – Temmi Ovwasa




Ijeoma Okeke

Former Olamide’s label, YBNL, signee, Temmi Ovwasa has said that she has no regrets but getting signed to the label will always stress her out.

Temmie via her official Twitter handle complained about the unintelligent fans attached with the label, saying they are incapable of original thought and it disgusts her.

She tweeted, “I have no regrets but getting signed to YBNL will always stress me the f**k out, exposed my beautiful self to a bunch of unintelligent fanatical sheep, “fans” incapable of original thought, it disgusts me that they even know my name.

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“Can’t wait to have “enter forest” money.

“I’ll literally be minding my business and the next thing , Kunle from ojuelegba is in my mentions reminding me that I’m a failure because I did not make music he can comprehend.

“Psychopathic victims of a violent system, hell bent on maintaining the cycle. Ughhh.

“It’s the way these disgusting motherfuckers open their mouths to call my holy name, if your Idol leaves a trail broken hearts in his wake maybe he’s the problem.

“But then, I just wasted my time typing this, y’all do not have the capacity to comprehend anything that isn’t noise”.

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