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CUPP To Buhari: Resign Now




Muhammadu Buhari

In its reaction to Monday morning’s abduction of yet unspecified number of pupils and teachers from a Universal Basic Education primary school at Rama in Birnin-Gwari LGA of Kaduna state, the Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, has once again called on President Buhari to “save the country from avoidable calamities” by resigning immediately from the presidency.

In a Press Release signed by CUPP’s Co-National Spokesman, Comrade Mark Adebayo, the opposition Coalition wondered why the security situation in the country is getting worse by the day despite the recent replacement of the service chiefs.

“It is now clearly apparent that solution to the security problems of this country goes beyond the simplistic replacement of the security chiefs. It is a deeper leadership crisis that requires immediate and proper fixing. Service chiefs are just operational commanders who respond to government’s policies and directions. Where the policies are wrong or irresponsive to prevailing security situations, the blame belongs to the political leadership of the country. A bad or incompetent Commander-in-Chief cannot provide the appropriate direction to the operational commanders which ultimately would make the field commanders ineffective. Therefore, even if you change the operational commanders everyday under the same incompetent Commander-in-Chief, nothing would significantly change but rather get worse as we are seeing now”.

“The matter of security is beyond politics, and we are not playing politics on this now. All the citizens of this country are suffering the devastating effects of the breakdown of security all over the country. Therefore, our call for the president’s resignation is a patriotic duty born out of serious concerns for the survival of our beloved Nigeria. If the president truly loves this country as he often claims, the best thing for him and Nigeria at the moment is for him to resign and pave the way for a new direction for our country. It is obvious that he has done his best for his country but that best can no longer sustain this country but is rather killing her by installments. We call on him to toe the path of honor and save this country from total degeneration by resigning to take a well-deserved rest in Daura or whatever part of the world he chooses. After all, his wife has been resting at the UAE since last year”.

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“We call on all the security agencies to collaborate effectively to rescue these innocent children and their teachers unarmed expeditiously. The government must do everything to ensure that these kids return to their parents safely at the shortest possible time. These children cannot withstand the harsh conditions of the bushes and the inhuman treatments that those terrorists would be subjecting them to at the moment.”

“It is a damning indictment of the security architecture of this country that in broad daylight, terrorists can walk into a primary school and abduct so many pupils and their teachers unchallenged. We feel the pains of the parents of those children at this moment and sympathize with them. Our prayers are with them in this hour of uncertainty and confusion and we fervently hope and pray that the children and their teachers are recovered unscathed in the shortest possible time. There is no better time than now to effect a total decentralization of the security architecture of this country whereby the federating units shall have autonomous control over their security without waiting for the Federal Government.”

“This is not the time for the government to offer excuses for its failures. It is time to swing into action and recover the abducted victims within reasonably short time. It is unfortunate that the president has once again failed Nigerians. Just a few weeks ago he had vowed that the Kankara school mass abduction incident would be the last, but few days after, more attacks and abductions have taken place. What a failed government presided over by incompetence and incapacity”.

“This is a major reason why Nigerians must vote out the APC in 2023 and resist any rigging plans of the party as it did using security agencies to impose itself on the country in 2019 by compromising the election results. Obviously, before 2919 Nigerians were fed up with the terrible leadership being offered by the APC and it was voted out but it stuck to power by force of state machineries”


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