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#IAmIgboToo Gathers Momentum On Twitter




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Ganiyat Ganiyu 

The #IAmIgboToo Campaign has continued to gather momentum on micro-blogging site, Twitter following President Muhammadu Buhari’s threat.

The hashtag started by Nigerian rapper, Jude Abaga got some Nigerians trending the #IamIgboToo hashtag to express their solidarity with the people of South-East.

The rapper had started the campaign in reaction to a now-deleted tweet by Buhari which was seen as exocoriating the Igbo.

The popular rapper on Wednesday took to Twitter to show love and support for Igbos, calling on other Nigerians to do the same as he launched the #IAmIgboToo campaign.

Abaga had posted a video with the caption, “The narrative that ‘Nigeria hates Igbo people’ is an outdated context that will leave with the old and bitter generation. Today let us stand with our Igbo family and say #IAmIgboToo.”

In the video, he said: “I can’t imagine being an Igbo citizen and seeing those tweets yesterday. I can’t imagine how it would have made them feel.

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“So, I thought it could be beautiful today if we rally round organically on Twitter. Just post videos and messages on our timeline to tell our Igbo brothers and sisters that we are one and that we are Igbo too.”

Reacting to the hashtag, a popular Twitter user, Sally Suleiman tweeted, “I love my Igbo friends. I support the Igbo people. Thanks to the Igbos for their contribution to our Economy. We hear you loud and clear, and we would always support you. Igbo Amaka #IamIgboToo.”

Former presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba tweeted, “The President is working against the Terrorist IPOB, not the Igbo. I believe the President, as all Nigerians do, loves the Igbo. There is no better way to be #IamIgbotoo than to liberate the region of the menace of the IPOB killers and arsonists, that have imprisoned the Igbo.”

Nigerian singer, Johnny Drille wrote, “I served in Enugu state and it was one of the best moments of my life. The indigenous people were some of the kindest people I ever met. I’m also blessed with fans who are also Igbo and have some of the most beautiful hearts. #IamIgboToo #ozoemena.”

A Twitter user, Dr Dipo Awojide wrote, “Standing in solidarity with my Igbo brothers and sisters, I call for a de-escalation of the carnage going on in South East Nigeria, dialogue, and common sense solutions. These are better alternatives to militarisation by the FG & violence by unknown gunmen. #IamIgboToo #Ozoemena.”

Also expressing solidarity with the Igbos, #EndSARS forerunner, Rinu Oduala tweeted, “I remember the Aba Women Rebellion where at least 25,000 Igbo women protested against colonial oppression. I come from the same land with those dynamic women, born of confidence & resilience to years of oppression & social injustice. My name is Rinu Ochiagha Oduala. “IAmIgboToo.”

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