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Nigerians React As Aisha Buhari Calls For Prayer For The Country



Some Nigerians have reacted to the call to prayer by the Nigerian firstlady, Aisha Buhari.

Mrs Buhari had on Sunday posted on her verified Facebook account, calling for prayers for the nation, although she did not say why.

It is presently trending on social media as most commenters disagreed with her request, saying prayer is not enough to solve the crisis that the country is presently facing.

Former Chief Press Secretary, Kogi State, Petra Akinti Onyegbule, who also commented inquired for the purpose of the prayer saying, “Why? What is wrong with Nigeria?”

While also responding to a user who said the firstlady was in a better position to know what majority of Nigerians cannot see, Onyegbule said, “Which better position? Which First Lady lives in another country more than half the year?”

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Another user, Olawale Aremu said seperation of zones is the solution to the crisis in the country.

He said, “The best option is for everyone to go their own way! Forget prayer, for how long we’ve been praying Nothing changes!!!”

Yakubu Yau Isah wrote, “Ma’am, prayer is MUST for all Nigerians to do it in all the circumstances but you have to do your own parts too which including taken proper actions on what is currently happening now in the country while our prayers should also follow back again.”

“We should be here praying while you and all other first ladies will be celebrating birthdays and every other occasions in Dubai?” another user, Max Ochai queried.

Abubakar Sadiq Kabir noted that prayer is not enough, lamenting that Nigerians who supported President Muhammadu Buhari are suffering.

“Mommy, in this Nigerian context prayer is not enough! The people that added value and uplifted you and your entire family are seeing different results, people are suffering!. You failed to do the needful to Nigerians despite the love we do to you mommy.”

Mustapha Hassan Giwa decried the hardship that an average Nigerian comes across in his daily activities and urged the president to rescue Nigerians.

“We are always praying for our dear country, your Excellency our people in #Giwa_Local_Government area of kaduna_State are in terrible situation bloodshed every day, food are set ablaze all the time the number of refugees are increased every hour we are in need of immediate response and intervention from the #Federal_Government and #NEMA in terms of security and food support.

“Please tell #Baba to fear Allah and comes to the rescue of our vulnerables and victims of this unfortunate circumstances.” (sic)

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