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Nigerians Mock APC Over Missing $75,000



Nigerians have taken to social media to mock the ruling All Progressives Congress over the $75,000 that got missing at their National Secretariat.

AN24 had reported that an unknown thief carted away the sum of $75,000 equivalent to N43,000,000 on Wednesday as the purchase of nomination and expression of interests forms were ongoing under a canopy mounted for the exercise due to the ongoing renovation at the main auditorium of the secretariat.

Reacting to the news, Nigerians through their social media accounts made fun of the APC by comparing the party to the thief that stole the money.

Some others said since the ruling party cannot secure the funds that come into their office space, which is way smaller than Nigeria, they cannot also be trusted to secure the treasury of the country.

A tweep, @Hilary_effiong said, “Even amongst themselves, in their office, within seconds $75,000 got stolen. You can imagine what Nigerian treasury has suffered within these 7 years. The All Progrethieves Congress.”

Another tweep, @Stephen_oladosu asked why people were surprised, “Why the confusion? Money went missing in the den of thieves. What do you expect?”

“What were they doing with foreign currencies at party HQ? Is it a bureau de change?” @Olusegun_saint asked.

@Femiabdul, passed a vote of no confidence on the leadership of the party, “If APC can’t safeguard their money, how will they safeguard Nigerians. We expect too much from these people.”

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A Facebook user, Callistus Cally Bunke Nwabuikwu, accused the party officials to be responsible for the missing money. He said, “Next time don’t say thief. Say party officials and members. After all that’s their major aim of joining politics. To grab the national cake by whichever way possible.”

Also, Engr Rabiu Bayonle Isiaka said “All these politicians have finished this country, a country where a common man can’t boost of good health care, good schools ,electricity zero in fact it’s better to see nothing is working well in this country and people are just waisting money and one can’t blame them as they never work for the money. OLE GBE OLE GBA. They are all all criminals ruling our Nation.”

A source disclosed to PUNCH that the missing money is unconnected to the monies for nomination and expression of interest forms.

The party source also said, “When the parcel of money dropped, it went missing in a flash. By the time security operatives were alerted, the thief had vanished with the envelope.”

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