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People Around Buhari Misleading Him – Amaechi



A former Aviation Minister, Mbazulike Amaechi, has said that the people that surround President Muhammadu Buhari are misleading him.

Amaechi, who described the president as a good man, however, said there are a lot of terrible people around the president who are misleading him regarding the situation of insecurity in the Southeast.

Addressing journalists on the occasion of his 94th birthday, Amaechi said these terrible people are plotting to ‘wipe away the Igbo race in Nigeria’.

According to Amaechi, “President Muhammadu Buhari, by my association with him is a good man and prepared to respect me.

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“But there are so many terrible people around him who mislead him on this matter and other matters of national interest, and they are not helping in the tomorrow of this country.

“Their plan is to wipe away the Igbo, but it is not possible.”

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