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Agege Trade Fair 2022: Customers Can Be Your Asset, Your Reset and Your Upset – Gloria Robson



A business coach and analyst, Gloria Robson has stated that in managing customers in business, they can be an individual’s asset, reset or upset. She stated this while addressing groups of businessmen and women in the ongoing Agege Trade Fair 2022, at Agege stadium on Saturday.

According to her, managing customers is not all about posting billboards for customers to know of a business products, it also involves emotion.

“Learning a skill is never enough, in managing customers, there’s need to engage them in the skills acquired and this will promote the growth of the business.

“Every customer buys your skills and your emotion and not the product, if your skills and emotion are not patronisable, you can’t manage your customers effectively”.

Gloria added that there is need to drive customers’ attention by providing them what they really need to serve them better. This will help in managing customers for the growth of a business.

She added that the way business owners treat their customers will determine whether or not a product would be patronised or not.

She stated further that “it is a bad attitude to run after clients because of the money they want to get from customers, this will ruin their businesses”.

According to her, clients can either be an individual’s asset, reset or an upset in business as there’s need for business owners or sales reps to make their customers their reset and upset.

“When your immediate customers get you clients through referrals, it is an asset in business”

“When customers become an asset in a business, they will patronise and help business owners’ products to drive.

“When customers become a business reset, they help in identifying problems, strengthen a business owner or sales reps, thereby, creating new strategies for generating more income for a business”

“When customers become a business upset, they help a business owner or sales reps to manage his or her emotion when dealing with different categories of customers in business sector”.

Meanwhile, Agege Trade Fair is an annual exhibition programme sponsored by the Agege Local Government and other business organisations.

This programme is aimed at empowering youths, men and women in skill acquisitions to make life more meaningful.

This year Agege Trade Fair is scheduled for 1st-7th July, 2022.

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