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Good Governance And The Imbued Challenges- Anthony Ochela



Inherently there are not supposed to be any challenges to good governance. It is not rocket science. Several books have been written about this and one should wonder why this would task the minds of 21st Century Nigerians and supportive opinions worldwide.
We could take for granted certain scriptural depositions that what is given is given and there is nothing we can do about it.
But the lie to this is that, our destiny and destinations are in our hands and the best we can do about it is to protect it and path a way to electrify its growth.
We could lay back and say “what will be, will be” but what are the driving factors you may ask?
So in bringing it back to home, you reap what you sow or, more pointedly, you cannot reap what you did not sow.
Let us face these facts: the welfare and security of the people are the most important elements that define Good governance.
This is elementary and should not be belabored, but if needs be, certain points should be cast in concrete because playing the ostrich augurs well for no one.
The characters involved are not too far to fetch because we know these from times immemorial as governance is about the people and the people are the most important part of the factor.
In seeking good governance, we must learn from history because selective amnesia for immediate gains will not bring proper breakfast to the table.
Lessons learned from previous experience should guide us and should be a driving force in whatever we need to commit our energies to.
We know these for a fact that security, food, environmental sustainability and the generation of jobs that offers living wages are what bothers the people and these have been codified in the constitution.
Why the constitution is not working for everyone despite several reviews and constitutional conferences should give us sleepiness nights but what the Yoruba people call “Owambe” takes place every weekend.
In getting it right and strengthening the economics of it, we ought to take a step back, look back and going forward navigate what lies ahead because the road  that can get us there is right in front of us.
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