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Okada Ban: Motorcyclists And Attendant Socio-Economic Consequences-Anthony Ochela



As a result of the challenging security situation in the country, the federal government says it is contemplating a ban on Commercial Motorcycles nationwide.
The Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, revealed this after a security meeting at the Presidential Villa in Abuja.
He said President Muhammadu Buhari is worried about the role Commercial Motorcycles are playing in insecurity especially banditry and kidnappings.
The thought has been expressed in several quarters before now and several states including the Federal Capital Territory have banned their service from strategic locations mostly because they also seem to constitute nuisance to traffic and are disrespectful to constituted authority.
Good as this decision may seem, it raises several posers worthy of note among which is the state of transportation in the country and the joblessness that had led these youths to that business.
Transportation in Nigeria is in a sorry state with the absence of critical infrastructure and one of the major means to get from points A to B as fast as possible for most of the less privileged is Okada, as it is popularly called.
Another point of concern is the unavailability of jobs for the teeming population with millions of graduates even taking to the business.
The issue of education should also be looked at because most youths take to social vices and menial jobs because of lack of education and if the government interferes with this, it could escalate the very violence trying to be addressed.
Granted that one of the major campaign promises of the administration while befriending Nigerians ahead of the 2015 elections, which it won, was tackling insecurity but very little has been done about it and push has come to shove.
It may be the dying months of the administration and the government may still want to be seen attending to matters of national importance, it should however be seen to be doing the right things.
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