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Okei-Odumakin Celebrates Beko Ransome-Kuti’s 82nd Posthumous Birthday, Late Fela 25th Remembrance 



President of Centre for Change, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin, on Monday, celebrated the 82nd posthumous birthday of the late human rights activist and ex-President of Campaign for Democracy (CD), Dr. Beko Ransome-Kuti. 
Dr. Bekolari Ransome-Kuti, who was born on August 2, 1940, and died on February 10, 2006, was a medical doctor turned human rights activist. He was a leading voice during the June 12, 1993, presidential election annulment struggle.
Okei Odumakin also celebrated the 25th year remembrance of Beko’s brother and pioneer of Afrobeat and political activist, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, who died on August 2, 1997.
The President of Centre for Change in a message titled “The Great Kuti Clan…Recalling heroes” which she issued on Monday and made available to AN24, described Beko and Fela as titans.
“Beko would have been 82 as Fela elected to transit on Beko’s birthday. He died on August 2, 1997.
In this extraordinary family, this joins the death anniversary of one to the posthumous birthday of the other as if to declare the continuation of that bond beyond the borders of life.
“We recall the exploits of Beko in the Civil Society; his bravery in the face of tyranny. How he made sacrifice so simple even at great risk to his health and life. They certainly don’t make them like that anymore.
“And Fela, who passed on on the day was a global phenomenon. Nothing came close by miles as an authentic African export. Fela was a philosopher and prophet among many other attributes. The prints of these giants from a single womb will be eternal.
“My meeting with these titans happened on the same day. The day I was baptized at the shrine with fire, in bales of smoke. An unforgettable day,” Okei Odumakin stated.
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