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El-Rufai: What I Mean By Rotten To Bad – Tinubu



The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress has shed light on the meaning of ‘rotten to bad,’ a phrase he used recently to described the security situation of Kaduna State.

In a recent meeting, Tinubu said the governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai had turned a rotten situation to a bad situation.

This sparked different reactions from social media users who mocked the former Lagos governor.

However, Tinubu, at an ongoing event in Kaduna State threw a jab at those mocking him as he explains what he means by using the phrase

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He said the statement is a commendation for El-Rufai’s good work in the aspect of security.

He said, “Let me at this stage correct some people who didn’t understand idioms and synonyms. I said Mallam Nasir turned a rotten situation to a bad one, it’s an achievement. Something you gave up on, rotten beyond salvation and you know see that it has began to have life again.

“Before he came in, we thought here (Kaduna State) is a forest of killers, but ever since, he has reduced that unmanageable situation, that rotten situation to a living environment. What are we looking for? Progress to turn it from bad to good.”

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