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Brazil Politician Throws Grenades At Police In Rio De Janeiro State



A Brazilian politician is in custody after throwing grenades at police officers who came to his house in Rio de Janeiro state to arrest him.

Roberto Jefferson, an ally of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, wounded two officers before surrendering on Sunday.A Supreme Court judge earlier ordered his detention for insulting Chief Justice Cármen Lucía.

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Mr Bolsonaro reacted by saying those who fired at police should be arrested.The two officers were wounded by shrapnel from a grenade during the attack in Comendador Levy Gasparian, north of the state capital Rio de Janeiro. They were taken to hospital and later discharged.

Mr Jefferson, the 69-year-old former leader of the PTB political party, also fired a number of shots from a rifle, shattering the windshield of a police car.

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