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North Korea Tackles US, Denies Arms Deal With Russia



North Korea on Tuesday attacked the United States for accusing it of having arms dealings with Russia.

According to a statement by the Foreign Ministry in Pyongyang, the news is false, being sold by the US is false and an attempt to tarnish the country’s name in the international arena.

“We once again make clear that we have never had ‘arms dealings’ with Russia and that we have no plan to do so in the future,’’ the statement said.

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Last week, the US government accused North Korea of secretly supporting Russia with military equipment in its war against Ukraine.

US’s National Security Council Communications Director, John Kirby, said that North Korea was trying to disguise the deliveries of artillery shells via other countries, for example in the Middle East.

Kirby said the US would continue to monitor whether the shipments are actually arriving. adding that it is a significant number.

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