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Let Us Embrace Unity In Our Culture—Says Lagos School Proprietress



The proprietress and founder of Great Glory School, sited in Agege Lagos State, Lola Akinpade has tasked individuals belonging to various tribes in Nigeria to embrace unity among themselves.

Lola Akinpade made this known during her school’s Culture Day, themed ‘Unity in Cultural Diversity’.

Speaking to AfricaNews24 TV(AN24tv), Mrs Akinpade stated that there is need for people to tolerate and love each other irrespective of tribes and religions.

According to her, “Unity need to start right from our homes, the home is known to be the first stage of education for the school setting, and it is from this school setting that unity can be extended to the community, society and the nation at large.

Her words partly read, “Looking at the present happenings in our country today, among the three tribes, we can deduce that unity is lacking, and that is one of the reasons Nigeria is yet to be fully united in term of tribes and policy making in governance.”

She reiterated that there should be no form of partiality, sentiment and racism among Nigerian citizens because these is one of the problems that is badly affecting Nigeria, most especially the governance.

Reacting to the issue of banditry in the country, Lola Akinpade said, “considering the present scenario in our country, we must continue to preach the language of unity in our schools, homes, as well as religious gatherings to enlighten people on the need to shun discrimination in our culture. Doing these will promote love and unity in cultural diversity in the schools and the nation at large.”

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AN24tv also gathered that the students, pupils were dressed in Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo attire during Great Glory School’s culture day.

The proprietress of the school, Mrs Akinpade, who is a typical Yoruba woman from Ondo State, was seen dressed in Hausa attire during her school’s culture day. According to her, she dressed in Hausa attire in order to preach the message of love and tolerance for one another, irrespective of tribes or religion that we may find ourselves.

Her words partly read, “I want to also preach my language to others being an expert in education. We all know that Africa is very reach in culture. So, I want to be able to associate with other tribes too- Hausa and Igbo because I don’t discriminate.

“One thing we need to know is that, the Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo, we are one and we have to tolerate each other for peace to reign in our homes and the nation.”

Reacting to the killings in Nigeria, she said, “one of the reasons that has brought Nigeria to where it is today is as the result of lack of unity, nepotism, discrimination or tribalism in our country.”

She urged school owners to promote unity among pupils, students as well as parents.

“Politicians and citizens of Nigeria should also embrace the spirit of unity in all that they do so that others will see them as a good example to follow, she added.


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