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2023: INEC Extends Voting Time In Enugu



INEC has extended the time for voting indefinitely in Enugu State to accommodate the late commencement of the exercise in many parts of the state.

This was made known by the Director of INEC’s Voter Education and Publicity (VEP) division, Rex Achumie. gathered that logistical problems and protests from the drivers employed to carry INEC employees and election materials over lack of payment contributed to the delay in the general commencement of the elections in the state.

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As INEC officials made frantic efforts and alternative arrangements to deliver its materials and staff to the polling units, the election didn’t start until after noon in most sections of the state.

Speaking further, Achumie said that until the last man on the voting queue is attended to, “election will never end”.

He said: “The timing for the election has extended indefinitely in the state.

“It will continue until the last man standing in the queue votes in the state.

“Even if it ends at 12 midnight or 1 a.m. tomorrow being Sunday, it is valid and our people should be patient.”

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