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Tinubu’s Mandate: Parents, Students Commend President Tinubu Signing Student Loan Bill Into Law



As part of president Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s effort in fulfilment of his promises to liberalise funding of education in the country, the president signed into law the Student Loan Bill to establish a Students Loan Fund (SLF) which provides interest-free loans to Nigerians seeking higher education.

Recall that during his campaign, president Tinubu promised to give student loans as part of efforts to develop the education sector and also build the youth capacity.

Speaking with AN24TV, parents, students described the development as a good policy that would give opportunities to Nigerian students across the country to have access to quality, quantitative and affordable education.

Commenting on the bill, they stated that the new law is a fulfilment of one of the electoral promises of President Tinubu to liberalise funding of education in the country. This will also help parents whose children have dropped out of schools due to their inability to pay their children’s school fees.

Also reacting to the student loans bill signed by the president, Mr Olujide Adedeji said the policy is a good development as this will give room for those who are aspiring to further their education in Nigeria.

His words partly read ” To me it is a good step at the right time. If I had this opportunity during my time I would have gone further in my education than this, maybe I will even have my PhD by now.

“Some of us have to go through a lot to pay for our school fees before becoming a family man. If as a parent I have the opportunity to apply for the student loan to further his education, it is a good thing and it will make life easier for the masses.”

A clergyman that declined stating his name said, “It is a very good government policy, this will go a long way to assist the indigent students whose parents could not pay their children’s school fees as well as those who are victims of school drop out.”

He advised the students never to take this opportunity given by president Tinubu for granted.

At the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ), some of the students also commended president Tinubu for signing the bill, adding that the bill will provide solutions to some of the problems confronting Nigeria’s education sector.

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Reacting on the bill, Adiat Abeeb, a student at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ), applauded president Tinubu on the bill, adding that the president is moving in the right direction in ensuring that the average Nigerian gets quality, quantitative and affordable education at ease.

“In my opinion the student loan bill signed by president Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a positivity to ensure that students in Nigeria have access to quality and affordable education for all.

“This is a promise that president Bola Tinubu made during his campaign that education will be made affordable for all. As far as democratic dispensation is concerned in Nigeria, he is following the footsteps of the likes of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Lateef Jakande in ensuring that the average Nigerian gets educated at affordable and at a very minimal price.

“I believe that president Tinubu is moving in the right direction in ensuring that the average Nigerian gets quality, quantitative and affordable education at ease”, Adiat Abeeb added.

Also reacting, Nathaniel Gift, a student at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) said the development is a welcoming idea as this will help those who can’t afford to pay their school fees.

“To me, it is a welcoming idea, he has done well for taking the step for every student in Nigeria.”

Also speaking on the bill, Ambassador Success Ella, a former student of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) also applauded president Tinubu adding that this is a proof that Nigeria is moving towards the right direction and this will help a lot of indigent students.

“It is a good news, it shows that the country is moving towards the right direction like other countries. This is going to help students and parents be relieved of the stress that they are going through.

Another student who spoke with stated, ” I have been borrowing money from loan Applications to cater for some of my needs in school now, but with this initiative from the president, it will relieve parents, students from the stress that we have been going through”, he stated.

AN24TV understands that the law is to provide easy access to higher education for indigent Nigerians through interest-free loans from the Nigerian Education Loan Fund.

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