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How Tinubu’s Policies Have Affected Our Businesses – Young Entrepreneurs



It is no longer news that a new sheriff has taken over the leadership of Nigeria. President Bola Tinubu, amidst fanfare, was sworn in as the 16th Nigerian President of Nigeria at the Eagle Square, Abuja on May 29. Nigerians, and indeed the international community, expected Jagaban, as he is fondly called, to hit the ground running in fulfillment of his pledge to “renew the hope” of the masses.

As promised, the former Lagos State Governor started his government decisively on the day former President Muhammadu Buhari handed over to him. While many have condemned Buhari’s administration for being contemptibly timid, a lot more people have patted the Tinubu-led government for its bravery even in the face of condemnation. The less than a month government on the first day in office, highlighted the direction of his economic policy. The policy is expected to address some burning issues that he inherited from his predecessor.

While some Nigerians have knocked the president for some policies, others have applauded him stating that Tinubu and his team will put an end to the annihilation of Nigeria’s economy, poverty, corruption, and rising food prices, among other social challenges that was brought upon the country during Buhari’s eight years as president.

While delivering his inaugural speech, the president pledged that his administration would target a higher gross domestic product growth and significantly reduce unemployment, a pledge Nigerians took seriously.

Speaking to AN24, some young entrepreneurs across Nigeria have shared their opinion on how the policy by Tinubu’s government has affected their business in the past few weeks that he was inaugurated.

I’m Ready To Pay The Price For A Better Nigeria – Olushola Badmus

Badmus, a Bolt driver, while sharing his experience with this news platform said Tinubu’s policy is in line with his campaign promises. He stated that the president did not at any point hide his intentions from Nigerians even before he was elected. The driver, who also runs a mini bar with his wife urged Nigerians to believe in the president and his policies, believing that it will effect positive changes in the country.

“What has affected my business the most is the fuel subsidy removal. I must be sincere, at the initial stage, I was scared, my fear was because I know that some Nigerians would like to take advantage of the situation. I was justified seeing what oil marketers did with the policy within a few hours the president made the announcement.

“Every serious government must bring policies they trust, not minding the initial backlash. If the money meant for the subsidy is spent judiciously on other sectors in the country, I’m certain we will forget about the hardship the policy brought along. I’m not saying things are rosy but we should look at the brighter side, if this is the price we have to pay for a better Nigeria, I’m fully ready for it.

It’s Too Early To Judge – Adekunle Ajayi

On his part, the Chief Executive Officer of Primax Technology, an inverter company based in Abuja said it is too early to score the government. Ajayi urged Nigerians to give their full support to the president as his policies show that he has an interest to turn things around for the country.

“He is making moves that are very good but the impact on the citizens is what I will advise his government to look into. It is really too early to call him the messiah or another mistake voted in by Nigeria. He is still a baby president as far as I’m concerned. He has to make a lot of changes to wrong the right of the past administration.”

Business Has Remain The Same – Chukwuebuka Uyamadu

Uyamadu, who owns a pharmacy in Kabba, Kogi State, said his business has not experienced any major change since the new administration was sworn-in. He said he has had no reason to complain or jubilate. The pharmacist, however, advised the president to keep to his campaign promises and not disappoint Nigerians who voted him because of the trust they have in him.

I No Longer Make Gains – Anthony Onyenka

A bolt driver, Enebeli, told AN24 that the policy of the new administration targets the masses. Onyenka, who was particular about the fuel subsidy removal, said he can no longer work as a bolt driver because he was not making any gain.

“The truth must be said, this man (President Tinubu) has rubbished this country. As I speak, I can no longer use my car for transport business, that was my major source of income before this administration came on board to mess things up for us. How can you remove subsidy without any plans?

“I have told the owner of the car I use for my transport business to come and take his vehicle pending the time this whole fuel issue is resolved. I now count my losses instead of my gains. All the money I make from the business goes back to buying fuel, which now sells like gold and for the monthly payment to the car owner. This man got it wrong.

“There are favourable policies that the government can promote, the only problem is we do not have thinkers as leaders in this nation. How do we caution the young population against involving themselves in criminal activities yet we bring up policies that kills their businesses. It’s like hitting a child and asking him not to cry.”

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