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Ojikutu attributes Nigeria’s problems To God’s anger, lawlessness, corruption



Urges Nigerians to turn to God 
Following the rising insecurity, fuel hike, economic challenges, and other issues Nigerians are currently battling with, the first female elected Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Alhaja Sinatu Ojikutu, on Wednesday, called on Nigerians to turn to God, saying the country’s problem is self-inflicted.
Speaking during an exclusive interview with AN24 on the state of the nation on Wednesday, Ojikutu, who attributed Nigeria’s problem to God’s anger, lawlessness, corruption, and human wickedness to one another, lamented that Nigerians serve God hypocritically and not sincerely.
She advised Nigerians, particularly political leaders to turn to God and not enact laws and attitudes that are anti-people, adding that the unbearable policies by some of the public office holders are the cause of hardship and criminal activities in the country.
“God is angry because we (Nigerians) see the truth and we decide to follow falsehood and we are worshipping too many deities that are not for God. There is only one God and we worship him in many ways. But people are not worshipping Him with sincerity. We should use our ways, words, deeds, and our actions to worship God. You cannot worship God and hurt your neighbour. You cannot see God physically, it is through the person you see physically that you will worship God,” she said.
While urging Nigerians to be thankful to God for His blessings, Ojikutu, an anti-corruption crusader assured that God will grant the country its desire for a good leader, with the interest of citizens at heart if the people turn to Him.
She said: “Nigeria is faulty. The country has been sold. What should have been used as a provision has been used as a deal. We must keep praying because there are so many sins hanging on our nation. They have successfully criminalised almost 99 percent of Nigerians and there is no way out.
“The only solution Nigerians know now is to break laws because the government makes laws that are impossible not to break. So, people look for shortcuts. Think about those that bypass that electricity meter or those that forge their certificates. Everybody must be prayerful because God is angry and giving us a chance to repent, but we are missing that chance every time.
“We are not doing things in the way of God. This hike in petrol pump price should not be, we know where the money is. We should turn to God sincerely, not by physically going to religious houses. The people governing us should have the fear of God in their hearts and bring policies that will make life easier for the common man.  God wants us to deliver his message, whether or not people listen.”
On Transparency International’s 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index, Nigeria ranked 150th among 180 countries in the Index. Also, over the years, there has been a shoot-up of insecurity and criminal activities in the country. According to findings, more than 63,000 people lost their lives to insecurity in Nigeria from May 2015 to May 2023.
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