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Drama As Pro-Tinubu Protesters Storm National Assembly Over Fuel Price Hike



Protesters in support of the fuel removal on Thursday caused disruption at the National Assembly’s main entrance, popularly known as Mopol Gate.

The protesters on the platform of Stand Up Nigeria, praised President Bola Tinubu’s move on the removal of fuel subsidy, adding that the decision is a crucial step in addressing the economic challenges confronting the nation.

The Convener of Stand Up Nigeria, Sunday Attah, expressed support for the Tinubu-led administration’s decision, emphasizing that it was necessary to eliminate corruption and financial leakages.

While acknowledging initial concerns and panic buying, Attah pointed out that the fuel scarcity and long queues at stations had disappeared.

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Attah also stated that the removal of fuel subsidy had freed up resources that could now be channeled into productive sectors that will benefit the economy at large.

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