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How Lagos Island General Hospital Caused Doctor’s Death



The alleged carelessness of the management of the Lagos Island General Hospital, Odan, has reportedly caused a female doctor identified as Dr. Vwaere Diaso her life.

It was gathered that the doctor was who doing her housemanship died while using an elevator that reportedly crashed from the 10th floor of the hospital.

Calling out the management of the Lagos Island General Hospital, Odan, witnesses alleged negligence and a possible case of embezzlement of funds meant for the repair of the faulty elevator before the death of the doctor who fell to her death on the hospital premises.

A source within the hospital disclosed that the attention of the hospital management has been drawn to the faulty elevator since 2018 but the source alleged that funds allocated for the repair of the works were outrightly embezzled by the appropriate superior authorities.

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Continuing, the source said, “Alas! Yesterday, tragedy struck. Dr Vwaere walked into the ill-fated elevator from the 10th floor hoping to come down to ground floor to pick her ordered food from an eatery delivered by the dispatch rider! Unknown to her, Ekwensu, the devil was in the detail. Official corruption that always manifests itself in every aspect of our national life, resulting in this monumental neglect claimed this young girl’s life!

“Upon pressing the button, the distressed elevator in fulfilment of the wishes of the management of the hospital that a life must killed by this elevator before it’s repaired, parked up, tempestuously carried this Babcock University-trained medical doctor and dashed her to the ground with a loud bang that shook the entire building to its foundation.”

It was gathered that the victim was still alive and was begging for help but it took more than an hour for rescuers to extricate her but badly injured.

She reportedly lost her life at the emergency department.

A Twitter user, Dr Olawale Ogunlana, tweeted, “I completed my internship in General Hospital Odan Lagos and I’m aware of their ZERO maintenance attitude. Elevators show tons and signs of problems before collapsing.

“Now a doctor is gone! A whole life gone because of wickedness and corruption. Someone’s head(s) must roll.”


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