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Lagos Taskforce Clears Fagba Rail Track



The Lagos State Taskforce has matched words with action through the clearing of shanties and make shift structures built hapzardly along the rail tracks and environs at Fagba. 
The exercise which kicked off in the wee hours of today was led by the Chairman of the Agency, CSP Shola Jejeloye who decried the state of decadence brought about by squatters who have constantly degraded the environment through their activities in the area.
“We served the squatters here an eviction notice on the 20th of June  but its obvious they thought we were bluffing. They tried to put up minor resistance but they are no match for us. We will carry out our operation with minimal force and ensure that the entire shanties are removed.”
Jejeloye further disclosed that the clearing exercise is scheduled in phases in order to ensure that squatters do not return to constitute nuisance in the area. He noted that the same method of operation utilized in Lekki shanties would also be replicated in Fagba and its environs.
“The plan of the State Government to completely reclaim the portion of roads occupied by squatter is non-negotiable. The Enforcement takes place first, followed by monitoring and then sustenance. We will ensure these sights are monitored till they are fully occupied and put to good use by the State Government”.
The Chairman attributed some of the criminal activities in Fagba/Agege axis to some miscreants who make use of the shanties by the rail way tracks as a hideout. He disclosed that some harmful weapons and illicit drugs, belonging to some of the squatters were recovered from the shanties during the clearing exercise.
“Residents are excited seeing us clear out these structures due to the criminal haven it serves as. They have complained of pick pocketing, stealing and robbery usually perpetrated by the squatters but it is all a thing of the past now”
Jejeloye assured Lagosians that the operation would be carried out up to Pen Cinema and Isoko till serenity and safety is guaranteed. He urged them to cooperate with the State Government in ensuring that acts that could be harmful to the environment are reported to the Agency for swift action and results.
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