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UNGA78: President Tinubu Gives First Address As Nigerian Leader



President Bola Tinubu has delivered his first address as president of Nigeria to the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

President Tinubu highlighted five important points during his speech.

First, he talked about this year’s theme and appealed to other nations that it was all their responsibility to ensure that the impact is felt at all, global institutions, nations and their private sector actors who must begin to see African development as a priority, not just for Africa but in their interests as well.

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Secondly, he addressed ongoing coups in several African nations, condemning it and revealed moves to affirm democratic governance as the best guarantor of the sovereign will and well-being of the people.

For his third crucial point, he talked the continents protracted battle against violent extremists. Where he said the turmoil had created a dark channel of inhumane commerce where everything is for sale.

His fourth point dwelled on an aspect of global trust and solidarity to secure the continent’s mineral rich areas from pilfering and conflict.

His fifth and final point was on climate change which is severely impacting Nigeria and Africa.

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