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School Children Go On Their Knees To Beg Obaseki To Fix Classrooms



A video of some primary school pupils in Edo kneeling to plead with the state government to address the deplorable condition of their school has surfaced on social media.

In the now-viral footage, a concerned member of the yet-to-be-known community where the school is located called out the state government over their neglect of the school.

The man further accused the state government of abandoning the community and refusing to renovate the “only school which has served the community for years.”

He said the school alerted the secretary of local government but was told to “relocate the children to two communities away from here”.

In the video, the community member alongside the pupils went on their knees to beg the government to come to their aid and refurbish the school.

He said, “The school will soon collapse but the government is not doing anything. The teachers have been managing to teach but this morning, three classrooms collapsed.

“The children and teachers are afraid and cannot enter the classrooms because of the possibility that the building will collapse.

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“They just called the secretary to the local government for education and told them about the condition of the school but they said the children should be relocated to another primary school.

“This was the school that we attended for many years but our children cannot go to school anymore. The government is not doing anything about it.

“What did our children do to deserve this? The secretary said they cannot do anything about the situation. They said we should relocate the children to two communities away from here.

“How will our children trek such long distance? Our children are kneeling and begging the government to do something about this issue.”

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