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Danish Deputy Prime Minister Resigns



Danish Deputy Prime Minister, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, on Monday resigned from politics, shortly after his return from a six-month leave, stating that the decision was necessitated by stress and overwork.

Consequently, his resignation will also result in his relinquishment of the leadership position within the liberal Venstre party, a key member of Denmark’s ruling coalition party.

“The short version: I am quitting Danish politics completely and permanently today,” Ellemann-Jensen, who is also economy minister, said during a press conference on Monday.

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Venstre’s opinion poll numbers have experienced a decline following its participation in a coalition government under the leadership of Social Democrat Mette Frederiksen. Ellemann-Jensen expressed that his persona has overshadowed the party’s achievements in governance, thus impeding its progress.

“Therefore, I am taking the consequences now and stepping down as chairman,” he said. Reports said Ellemann-Jensen’s party colleague and defence minister, Troels Lund Poulsen, will take over his responsibilities in government.

Venstre vice chairman Stephanie Lose will take over organisational duties for the party, until the election of a new party leader at the party annual conference in November.

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