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Femi Otedola Donates ₦‎1 Billion To Lagos State Security Trust Fund 



In a landmark move for public safety in Lagos, Nigerian business man, Femi Otedola, represented by his daughter Tolani Otedola, has contributed a sum of N1 billion to the Lagos State Security Trust Fund (LSSTF).

This act of generosity was acknowledged in a formal ceremony where the Governor of Lagos State was present to receive the donation, further cementing the synergy between the state’s public sector and private philanthropy.

The LSSTF, which has been a cornerstone in the provision of critical support to law enforcement agencies for nearly two decades, has benefited from Mr. Otedola’s consistent support, earning him the distinction of being the top individual contributor to the Fund.

Tolani Otedola, in her role at the event, underscored the LSSTF’s enduring contribution to the state’s security framework, and the Otedola family’s commitment to fostering a safe environment for all Lagosians.

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Acknowledging the seamless and safe celebrations during the recent festive season, Tolani Otedola highlighted the LSSTF’s role in ensuring peace and security, a feat that was possible due to the diligent efforts of the security services, underpinned by the support from the Fund.

The donation comes with a clarion call to action for others in the community, as Mr. Otedola, through his daughter, urged Lagosians, especially those within the corporate and affluent sectors, to reflect on the value of contributing to the Fund.

He posited that such collective action is pivotal for the sustenance of security and prosperity in Lagos.

The presence of the Governor at this event, to personally receive the pledge, signifies the importance the state places on partnerships that enhance public welfare.

In her closing remarks, Tolani Otedola lauded the Governor and the LSSTF for their unwavering commitment to keeping Lagos safe and encouraged the Fund to continue its legacy of transparency and prudent management of resources.

The Otedola family’s donation not only provides immediate resources for security enhancements but also serves as a model for philanthropy in Nigeria’s socio-economic landscape.

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