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Mother Calls Out School Over Kicking Daughter Out For Lateness



A Nigerian mother has taken to social media to express her outrage at a Lagos-based school for sending her daughter home due to late arrival.

In the now-viral video, the woman, whose daughter was identified as Favour, claimed that her daughter was sent home from school because she arrived late.

She further alleged that when she contacted the principal to protest against the school’s decision, she was met with insults and disrespect, stating that the action would have put her daughter in danger.

According to the mother, she had no choice but to visit the school in person, also got kicked out as well.

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Her words, “Good morning, guys so I met the principal, they just kicked me out of the school building, and now they are saying I can’t make a video.

“Favour came to school by 8:30 today, and they threw her out of school. They don’t know if I’m at home or not. Not for any reason because she came late; if I were the one who drove favour to school, by 8:30, I’m definitely sure they would not throw her out of school.

“If she came with the school bus, sometimes the bus gets to school by 10; they will definitely not throw her out of the school.

“I called the principal on the phone immediately after Favour got home because I was shocked because I was about to leave the house, and this man started insulting me on the phone and cutting the phone off.

“I have to come physically, and he is doing the same thing”, she said.

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