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Stop Wasting Enonomic Hours In Church— Nigeria Pastor Tells Christians



A cleric, Bayo Oluwayemi, of Wonders Chapel has advised worshippers in his church and other Christians to stop wasting economic hours in church, stating that God is not wicked.

The pastor, in a video that has since gone viral, can be heard telling members to work on their current economic challenges by taking their work and business seriously rather than spending time in the church praying and begging God.

“I want to beg you in this chu difficulties ravaging the country now but admitted it’s the same everywhere.”People open their shops on Sundays in the UK. Immediately after church service, you go to the office and clock in if you are abroad,” he said.

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He advised Christians to cultivate the habit of working on Sundays if possible while also resting when they have the time.

He said, “God never sent them to hell for working on Sundays abroad. You have a place of work where you are to resume; then you go to vigil and start dozing at work. They are supposed to sack you, so why should you be dozing in an official hour?”

Lastly, he also spoke about how to uplift the situation and the difficulties in the country. Bayo Oluwayemi said, “Though there is poverty in our land if you can still work, you will eat. God is love; he has blessed us with all that we need. Stop wasting economic hours in the church, saying you are praying when you should be working.”

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