Kogi 2019- The Reality That Beckons By Ayokunle Oloye

“Elections matter”, the oft said parlance in politics can’t be truer than ever before than the Confluence state. Kogi is a state so Nigerian, one will see the collision of all the factors that make Nigeria both beautiful and complex, while the same time inspiring and confounding in one of its thirty-six states seating right […]

GYB’s Declaration Sent Jitters Down The Spines of Diaspora Aspirants

It has become clear that the declaration of Alh. Yahaya Bello for a second term in Office has unsettled his opponents, many of whom had thought the party would fail and then die after the 2019 general elections in Kogi State. AfricaNews24 reports that Governor Yahaya Bello met with party stalwarts and members across the […]